A Comparison of a Few of the Chain Oiler Options

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Don’t forget canned lube!

Let’s never forget the good old fashioned can of chain lube. Anyone who has used one of these knows what a pain they are. Often you need two people to do the job right if you don’t have a center stand, the lubrication material is extremely messy not only for hands but for your bike (so sticky). You will want to have gloves, a partner and some patience. This old method will need to be done regularly to actually protect your machine and with the cost of cans of chain lube and the time it takes you will quickly understand the true value of having a dedicated chain oiler and what it does to simplify and guarantee a healthy chain.

Different chain oiler manufacturers say that their chain oilers can extend the longevity of a machine’s chain and sprockets by up to 7 times! We think it is hard to make guarantees of this sort, but we do know that a properly lubricated chain will last vastly longer than one that is uncared for. Chain and sprocket replacement can cost hundreds of dollars depending on your machine. Using the Cobrra Nemo 2 chain oiler could literally pay for itself several times over before you have to replace your chain and sprockets. Adventure biker, sand dune runner or long distance highway rider, the Cobrra Nemo 2 was designed for you and your machine.






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