Fuel Mule Extra Large (specially built for Primus 1.5 liter bottles)


Secure, durable and perfect for motorcycles, ATVs or sidebysides, Fuel Mule by Epic Trekker is handmade in the U.S.A by Americans. We make these and we use these on our own adventures. When you buy them from our site shipping is free!


Never adventure without backup fuel! Adventure riders know that sometimes the fun can end when you run out of fuel, and that can ruin a great ride. The Fuel Mule by Epic Trekker Enterprises guarantees you have some spare fuel when you need it. The Fuel Mule’s durability, flexible mounting, various sizes and ability to “daisy-chain” means you can carry exactly the right amount of reserve fuel for your particular adventure needs.

Never adventure without backup fuel!


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